Kilburn Cocktail Bar

Where: Via Panfilo Castaldi 25

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 18.00-02.00 (open for lunch Sat and Sun)

Melted wax candelabra; mismatched chairs; wooden tables of various shapes and sizes; a myriad of worldly bottles and background music that complements the atmosphere. The homely yet historic ambience cues that hundreds of loud conversations that have been told before your own.

This is Kilburn.

Think London or Edinburgh, or a 1930’s speakeasy  New England… That’s the vibe. At Kilburn the key word is quality. Quality of beverages, food and service.



Our Experience

Walking into Kilburn we were greeted as friends even though it was the first time we set foot in that bar. We were directed towards a spacious round table and the drink list was brought to us by Ennio (the owner and mixologist) – who’s not only incredibly talented, but also funny!

At first we were a little sceptical that the drinks wouldn’t be as pretty as the pictures shown in the menu – we even exchanged a few jokes about it with Ennio, who warned us that we were wrong. Needless to say, the cocktails were beyond beautiful. The Floral Spritz and the Lady Rose embraced the whole table with their wonderful scents of lavender and rose. The Ossimora and Daniela’s Passion filled us with joy because of their spark of fruitiness and zestiness, blackberry and passion fruit respectively. The Gin and Tonics – recommended to us by a habitual customer – were astonishing, we tried two versions (Ennio’s expertise suggested which ones to try): a floral one and a more spicy, pepper-y one.


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Not only did we love our drinks, but we also had one of the best aperitivos in Milan. For every drink there are two taglieri (charcuterie boards) adjusted in size for the amount of people in your group. The pairings of salumi, veggies and cheeses are well thought and the products used are all Italian and of top-notch quality.




We’re utterly and completely in love with Kilburn and their philosophy #DrinkWell and #EatWell. You should be too.


The Milanese

Price: €€

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