The Doping Club Milan

Our take on one of Milan’s most luxurious cocktail venues.

Where: Piazza 24 Maggio 8, 20123

Opening Hours: 6.30pm -1.00 am every day

Walk into the courtyard of a quirky boutique hotel (The Yard) in one of Milan’s most romantic districts and you will feel like you’ve just been transported to another era. Milan’s Doping Club is located in the Navigli district, near the Darsena river and has left us in awe at every visit. Leather armchairs, velvet couches and boxing gloves hanging off the walls make this incredible venue resemble an old English gentlemen’s club (hence the name).













The main selling point of this venue, if you couldn’t already tell, is the design. Walk in The Doping Club and everything is a reminder of the past: each table is adorned with two or three vintage magazines or fashion books. You can tell the designer knew what he was doing, despite the number of tables, artwork, colours and designs, in here nothing clashes – it’s almost as though the lighting was studied to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Don’t get us wrong – the drinks aren’t bad either. Professional Mixologist Stefano Agostino has only been behind the bar since the age 14… In here, every drink on the list is distinctive and has been carefully concocted to cure your city blues… If adorned cocktails aren’t your thing, the bar also counts twenty-five gins on its list.

60ef5789-8bc6-4e72-a4ff-e1b2406229ab 2.JPG


In our experience, the staff was not always the most polite. Although we had one lovely waiter, some of the personnel were not the most welcoming and held the typical Milanese ‘snobby’ attitude. Nevertheless, the timing of the service was great and there is high attention to detail when it comes to serving drinks and dishes.

If you want a truly exceptional location and drinks we highly recommend you try The Doping Club, it’s one of the most unique cocktail bars we have ever been to. But before you go, be sure to wax your moustaches, wear your best cologne and bring your cigars!  We suggest booking a table.


The Milanese

Price: €€

Drinks here aren’t the cheapest but we still recommend a visit just for the sight, the experience and the insta’s…


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