Temakinho: Our take on Milan’s favourite Brazilian Sushi Bar.

Where: Ripa di Porta Ticinese 37 or Via Giovanni Boccaccio 4 or Corso Garibaldi 59.

Yes, you heard it right… A Brazilian sushi bar in Italy made it to our top places to dine. And if you live in Milan, you probably already know it.

Temakinho was so successful that it has turned chain with over six locations across Europe: the restaurant has expanded to Rome, Ibiza and most recently London. However, the first Temakinho was located in the Milanese district of Porta Ticinese and has become a trendy meeting point for a young and chic type of clientele in Milan.

Temakinho Restaurant

So, let’s talk about why Temakinho has had so much success…  We suspect the key lies in its originality.

The design

Needless to say, the food is not the only type of fusion in this restaurant. This eatery combines the minimalist Japanese design with the exotic Brazilian elements which evoke forests and beachside hurts. A mixture of tropical, warm Brazilian colours and image are combined with French wallpaper and Italian flooring and ceramic plates. This gives a colourful and a lively atmosphere, while simultaneously looking sophisticated

Temakinho Via Boccaccio

The food and drink.

At Temakinho you can flavour a selection of uramaki, rolls and temaki with a key diversity: the creations contain tropical elements such as maracuja, mango, almonds and rich sauces. A must here is to try their tropical cocktails like the caipirinhas or mojitos where you can choose flavours like maracuja, mango, strawberry, lychee and more.


Our favourites to order

  1. Salmao com Camarao: salmon tartare, fried shrimp, spicy mayonnaise and sweet and sour sauce.
  2. Salmao Gostoso in Roll or Tartare: salmon tartare, avocado, cream cheese, chives, flying fish caviar, spicy mayonnaise and almonds.
  3. Atum Crocante:  Tartare made with tuna, chives, flying fish caviar, passion fruit, coconut milk, crispy tempura rice beansand avocado.
  4. Olho dei boi picante: yellowtail, avocado, chives, hot sauce, and creamy sesame sauce.
  5. Noche Paulista: seared yellowtail, mango, fried shrimp, cucumber, sesame, sweet and sour sauce.
  6. Crocante: seared salmon, cream cheese wrapped in crispy pastry and sweet and sour sauce.
  7. Ceviche mixto: umbrine (a fish variety), salmon, prawns, octopus and lobster marinated with lime, fresh ginger, coriander, red pepper, bell pepper and red onion.

So, why not try something different on your next visit to Milan and let us know what you think! Don’t forget to tag us in your posts and use our hashtag (#themilanese)


The Milanese.

Price range: €25-40 per person (depending on whether you have cocktails or not).


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