Fancy Toast The (Epic) Toast From The West Coast

Where: Via Volta 8, Milano

Opening hours: Mon-Thu & Sun 10:00 – 21:00 Fri-Sat 10:00 – 23:00

Everything about this tiny place (and it is really tiny) is super instagrammable: the pink neon lighting, the mosaic floor, the copper stools….and even their toasts. Whilst we adore the location, we were underwhelmed by the toasts. The ingredients are super fresh: the one-inch thick toast is super crunchy on the outside and chewy/doughy on the inside, however not all the food combinations blew our mind.

6E333773-F5E0-42A0-AD37-9140E4A56CE3 (1).JPG

We tried the Epic Avocado Toast with avocado mash, sliced avocado, bacon, corn, goji berries and mustard dressing;  the Salmon West Toast with soft cream, smoked salmon, passion fruit, soy sauce jelly cubes and marjoram; and the Berry Toast with sweet cream and berries (raspberries, blueberries and blackberries). The Salmon West Toast was sensational, innovative, and fragrant. We found brilliant the soy cubes and we will be back for that! However, we found the Epic Avocado Toast a little bland and bitter. The Berry Toast was lovely and balanced (not overly sweet). It also has a lot of vegan options, which is quite a rare find in Milan!

98306086-397A-45AB-BB02-7F9778E3159C (1).JPG

Overall we liked the vibe of the place, the staff was polite, and the toasts were quite yummy. If you’re looking for a quick breakfast (with free coffee refills!!!) or easy and fast lunch, then Fancy Toast is definitely a great place to go! However, if a brunch with drinks is your cup of tea, then it is not the place for you!

289514FF-59CB-498E-97DF-D7B369B7ECF6 (1).JPG


The Milanese


The sweet toasts approx. €3.95

The savoury toasts approx. from €4.95 to €8.45

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